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Dear families,

It is a privilege for me to welcome you to Saint Nicholas School, a school with a vocation to educate people, where our goal is to train our students to make them citizens of their time, trained and competent professionals and, above all, people who are whole and happy.

This great challenge that we have in hands is to see our students as true protagonists of their learning, a process where not only the education of intelligence and cultural training is important, but also the management of emotions and the formation of character.

Through intellectual training we encourage not only the acquisition of content, but the achievement of competences, with the aim of providing the students with resources and learning tools that prepare them for a professional future in a globalized and changing world, in which personal skills such as analytical skills, communication skills, or faculties such as resilience and decision making are valued increasingly.

That is why we promote an innovative methodology, capable of responding to the individual needs of each of our students. Our goal is that each of them can fully develop their capabilities, regardless of their characteristics or personal circumstances.

In this preparation for the future, the mastery of English as a vehicular language plays a fundamental role, we want to promote an international mentality and a cultural background that will allow our students to understand and live with other social and cultural realities.

Likewise, we make a clear commitment to promote the mental and physical development of our students through art and sports. With the learning of art and music we want to stimulate talents such as creativity, intuition, or faculties such as linguistic  and logical-mathematical intelligence. In the same way, through the practice of sports, we encourage teamwork among our students, we train them in the acquisition of healthy habits and we educate them in the organization of leisure and free time.

Our project would not be complete and would be devoid of its ultimate meaning if it was not being hand in hand with the formation of the person, that is, of a personal and emotional work that imbued each of our students with the formation of character and will. To accompany them later on the path that leads them to identify their passion and their own vocation. All this to face challenges for themselves, from responsibility and respect, from the social conscience, and from the construction of Christian values that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Therefore, our vocation is to make each of our students the best version of themselves, providing them with tools and skills that guarantee future success, and encouraging them to achieve their dreams.

And to make all this a reality, we have the best team of professionals, who will guide them along the educational path thanks to an individualized monitoring, cutting-edge pedagogy and cross-cutting programs that address both valuable areas such as emotional education in the classroom, a quality pre-university orientation, or social participation and leadership programs.

Without further ado, and enthusiastic about presenting our website, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you give the School every day, and I invite you, with your support and commitment, to be part of this great challenge that we have in our hands; to give your children a quality integral education that encompasses all dimensions of human development: personal, family and social.

Receive a warm greeting,

María Alcaide



María Alcaide, Directora