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The AMPA is the Association of Parents of Students. We collaborate with the Management of the School in order to ensure that the education it offers, achieves the total development of the personality of the students. 


Bearing in mind that the participation of parents in school is a key indicator of quality in education, and therefore a factor that affects positively the performance and school success of students, we focus our efforts on the following objectives:

  • Facilitate the contact of the parents with the School.
  • Encourage the creation of complementary activities and services in the School.
  • Help and collaborate with the School in its educational and religious role.
  • Promote post-school activities.
  • Channel the suggestions of the parents.
  • Complete the educational task of the School from the family point of view.
  • Promote respect for the Environment.
  • Acquire the necessary materials and facilities to carry out both school and extracurricular activities.