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Environmental policy

At Saint Nicholas School we are very aware of everything that has to do with the environment, and that is why we want to pass on these values to our students, making them active participants in the initiatives that we implement with this objective.

Our decalogue

  • Review the educational practice and analyze the relationships with the type of environmental management that is carried out in the center and ensure maximum coherence between what is said and what is done. Have a policy of continuous improvement.
  • Promote environmental training to encourage responsible behavior with the environment, participating in school environmental programs. Make the students and the entire educational community protagonists of environmental changes.
  • Understand that participating does not only mean doing, but evaluating the results, getting involved and being responsible in each of the phases of a project.
  • Make our school a center that respects the environment and its resources, to improve the immediate environment and the city, not only in the future of the planet, but also for the present. It is important to know and understand what happens in our immediate environment and be sensitive to environmental problems.
  • We promote a school full of life, that adapts to changes, considering multiculturalism and diversity.
  • Sensitize in environmental values all the courses and subjects taught at the school.
  • Promote the development of necessary internal and external communication, as well as information activities, in order to favor compliance with the environmental management system.
  • Promote the reduction if consumption of resources and raw materials.
  • Promote the selective collection, recycling and reuse of waste and materials.
  • Encourage coordination and collaboration with suppliers in order to use raw materials and organic products.
  • Work to comply with environmental legislation, as well as other commitments that may be signed in this area.

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