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At Saint Nicholas School we have our own kitchen, controlled and coordinated by Aramark, the catering company that provides dining service and assistants at the School.

Aramark is a company with more than 25 years’ experience in the food service of schools, which, in addition to ensuring a healthy diet for our students, has developed an Educational Project to promote healthy habits among school children.

Our kitchen complies with OMS requirements, and all our menus are prepared by the department of dietary and nutrition of Aramark. In addition, we offer alternative menus depending on the ages and nutritional needs of each student due to illness, intolerance, allergies and other reasons.

In Saint Nicholas School we conceive lunch time as a time and educational space for coexistence and learning of the rules of urbanity and social relations, as well as a moment to reflect on and acquire healthy eating habits.

That is why we have our Urbanity Program, thanks to which, our team of professional assistants will guide our students in the acquisition of habits and in working on the rules of behavior during meals.