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“Education consists in enabling man to becoming more man”

Saint John Paul II


Our mission is to train men and women to be happy people with Christian values, fully aware of themselves, committed to their continuous personal growth and to society.


We are an educational institution, that promotes an education based on values and advocate for a quality trilingual intellectual and personal education in Barcelona.


Our institution is governed by the following values.

Our values

Overcoming: Motivation to perfect ourselves in all areas: human, personal and professional. Strive to get the joy of achieving our goal.


Perseverance: Firmness and perseverance in the achievement of our ideal.


Integrity: Consistency between our belief, our saying and our doing.


Passion: Love for what we do is our engine to be a helping hand to improve the world.


Commitment and solidarity: Service to others through commitment to our mission.


Happiness: Characteristic of our attitude towards life and means to achieve our dreams.


Commitment to nature: Respect and care for the environment as an expression of love for creation.


Dreams: Be an inspiration for others to contemplate their goals and believe they can achieve them.