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Educational program

Our educational program offers a solid intellectual formation, through avant-garde pedagogical techniques and an international orientation that reinforce the trilingual education taught since the early years of Early Childhood Education.

We understand education as a vehicle to promote the process of formation and development of happy persons, with values, a solid intellectual formation, a firm moral conscience and capable of exercising positive leadership in their lives and in society.


Placing th student as the real protagonist

The educational project of our school understands the students as the true protagonist of its learning process through the education of intelligence and cultural education, the management of emotions and the formation of character.

Personal growth

As for the personal aspect, we work to stimulate the process of searching and discovering oneself through constructive habits, with the conviction that only through the knowledge of oneself and one´s mission, one can aspire to the full development of the person.

Positive attitude

We foster a positive attitude towards the constant challenges of today´s society and its moral relativism, helping students to become aware of their human dignity and the importance of their mission to serve and love others.

Personal faith experience

We want our school to be a space for reflection on the Christian faith, in which the living of the Gospel is promoted, and each student is inspired to have an experience of personal faith.

Day to day progress

Our goal is to make each of our students the best version of themselves, providing them with tools and skills that guarantee future success at all levels: professional, personal and family.


We build in them a solid social conscience, based on principles and personal values that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Value proposal

  • Subsidized private school
  • Familiar: one class per year-group with individualized monitoring of each student.
  • Training for personal and professional life.
  • International approach with linguistic immersion.

Educational Offer

“We help each of our students become the best version of themselves”

We provide our students with a solid intellectual education, understanding excellence, not as an objective to achieve for our students, but as a way to deliver our pedagogical project by our teaching team, with an innovative methodology and capable of responding to individual needs of each of our students. Our goal is for each of them to fully develop their capabilities, regardless of their personal characteristics or circumstances.

We offer trilingual training to our students, from the first years of their schooling, in the three vehicular languages of the School (Catalan, Spanish and English) with the aim that at the end of Baccalaureate, they have an excellent domain of the three languages.

In addition to the teaching of languages, we want to develop in them an international mindset and a cultural background that will allow them to feel comfortable in any social and cultural situation, while being able to understand other realities and adapt to them. We achieve this through different international programs during the different stages of schooling.

Since the first years of school, but making special attention in the last courses of Secondary and Baccalaureate, we provide the students of tools and skills that guarantee their future success both in personal as in professional level.

For this reason, we have incorporated in our formation technological resources of avant-garde, understanding the technology as a instrument to approach the students to achieve our pedagogical aims; never as a purpose in himself.

Furthermore, we prepare our students for the university and professional life, catering them of the skills and competences that already are asking in the world of the company, and that go further of a good academic curriculum. We want that our students highlight in work in team, have an excellent formation in debate and oratory, are resilients and assertius, know to put their creativity to the service of the community, and have an excellent ethical professionally and personally.

For this we implement Augere, a program that seeks the success and happiness of our students through the promotion of their self-knowledge,  the developement of their maximum potential as people, and the discovery of their vocation.

Through the different actions of the Augere Program, we train our students in the skills mentioned above, and we accompany them on their journey from different areas: peofessional perspective, personal growth, psychopedagogical orientation, international opportunities and other training complements for their last years at school.


We want to accompany our students to their happiness, teaching them to identify their passion and their vocation, favouring their emotional balance and encourage them in the achievement of their dreams. We make each one of our students the true protagonist of their learning, so they develop skills so much transcendental like learning to learn, which will accompany them not only during their school years, but along their life.

Teach our students to manage their emotions, will make people emotionally intelligent in the different stages of their life. For this, we work the emotions in a transversal way and since the first courses, we teach them to face the small or big personal challenges that go arising in the long of the life of each person, to develop tolerance to the frustration, empathy or social skills; to identify their feelings and the ones of the other, and to adapt their actions to each situation.

In the intellectual formation, we apply the Howard Gardner’s theory of the multiple intelligences, adapting the formation of each student and of each matter to their style of learning, in order to improve the maximum attainment of each knowledge or skill worked.

We stimulate the process of finding and discovering oneself at the same time that we promote in each student a positive attitude towards life, and a solid moral conscience.

From our pastoral team, we extend the daily life of our school life, the transmission and the experience of Christian values, which will be a guide for our students during the rest of their lives.

Also, we train our students to have a positive attitude towards each experience, challenge or circumstance that they will find on the way, teaching them in the philosophy that we can not choose the circumstances that define our life, but the attitude with which we face them.

Through the world of art and sport, we educate them in the culture of effort, so they learn the value and reward that involves self-discipline, teamwork, or sacrifice. And also in order that they contemplate the world of art and sport as an alternative to leisure during the years of adolescence and youth.


Saint Nicholas School is characterized by promoting a work methodology of its own in which the students become the true protagonist of their learning, through the promotion of creativity and research as a method of work, and where the teacher becomes more a guide motivator than a mere transmitter of knowledge.

The objective is to accompany the students to find answers for themselves, and in this way build their own knowledge that will allow them to develop in the real world.

Therefore, classes become an active space where the student not only acquires knowledge, but develops skills and competences for life, while being coached as a person.

Based on Howard Gardner´s theory of Multiple Intelligences, our teachers combine the different methodological resources and assessments to make each of our students the best version of themselves. Thus, from the pedagogical guidance department they analyze their abilities, their learning style and their aptitudes and potentialities to personalize their training process and develop the different teaching practices to the maximum.

Psychopedagogical department

The psychopedagogical department of Saint Nicholas School has been conceived as a differential tool in the individualized follow-up of our students both on a personal level and as a member of the group.

It supposes a stand out support for the teacher in the attention to the diversity of our students, helping to adapt the specific needs of each one of them and do an exhaustive monitoring, in order to harness the aptitudes of each one. It does a bi-directional task of adaptation for those students with specific needs, acting as a link between external therapeutic centers, teachers and students.

The department collaborates closely with families during the student´s change processes (family and personal events, changes of residence, new students, among others) in order to advise and accompany the student in each process, and minimize the impact of each adaptation.

The psychopedagogical department will guide the implementation of our Emotional Intelligence Program, key in the development of our students throughout their years of schooling and in their future as balanced adults  prepared for professional and personal life.

It is also a key piece in the application of study techniques during the years of Primary, and in the pre-university orientation of the students, with academic, personal and professional advice during the last years of Secondary Education and  Baccalaureate.

Pastoral care

At the Pastoral area, we want our School to be a space for reflection on the Christian faith, in which the experience of the Gospel is promoted, and each student is inspired to have a personal experience of faith.

The formation, the experience and the Christian orientation of the students are fostered, and the pastoral animation of the rest of the Educational Community is promoted.

It is also a promoter nexus of the School´s Social Participation Program, as well as the one in charge of transmitting the philosophy of the Duc in Altum Foundation, fostering its focus on the person and their commitment to society.


At Saint Nicholas School we promote an international approach, and therefore, it is one of our priorities to train our students in a trilingual context, so that throughout their schooling they achieve an exhaustive command of the three vehicular languages of the center: Catalan, Spanish and English, both at the level of comprehension and oral and written expression.

To achieve this, our Linguistic Project involves teaching the different areas in the three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English, bearing in mind that the first two are the mother tongue of most of our students. Therefore, a greater time commitment to the learning of English as a language is necessary.

Throughout the different stages of schooling, the percentage of the three languages will vary according to the predetermined criteria and considering the guidelines established by the Teaching Department. In this distribution, it is vitally important for an early acquisition of the language, the English language immersion that we carry out during the Kindergarten stage.

By our international mindset, Saint Nicholas School incorporates, in an optional way, the learning of a third language, French, starting in Secondary.

As for official degrees, our students will have the opportunity to examine themselves from the recognized language exams of the Cambridge University and the French Alliance.

To complete our Linguistic Project, the School will launch  Connecting Cultures, a program inspired by global international training that, throughout all schooling, will put our student in contact with schools in 15 different countries, with which they will develop common projects  and will have real experiences with other cultures. The objective is to awaken in the student the curiosity for other cultures, and to live  firsthand the utility of communicating in a foreign language.