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During this school year we are developing a program to participate in various international competitions and events to complement the international training of our students.

With these international events such as the international lunches we organize on a monthly basis, intercultural talks and others, we once again promote the international mentality and the cultural background that are elements that differentiate our educational project.

An example has been the recent visit to the College of a Baccalaureate group of Danish students, with whom our students have exchanged different ways of working with the sciences, as well as learning about the various study plans of the two countries.

Connecting Cultures is a program inspired by global international training, through which throughout the school year, the student will be in contact with schools in 15 different countries, with whom he will develop common projects, will have real experiences with other cultures.

This year the students who attend the Dual Baccalaureate at Saint Nicholas School are already enrolled in the American Dream, an international competition in which around 5,000 students from all over Europe will participate.