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The management team of Saint Nicholas School is formed by the heads of each department and has as main objective to create spaces for reflection that help to project, prioritize and coordinate teaching and non-teaching tasks in order to find the means to make our students the best version of themselves.

Personal. ED. Director executiu. Andrés Rosás_scuare

Andrés Rosás

Executive director
Personal. ED. Directora. María Alcaide_square

María Alcaide

Personal. ED. Soci. Frederic Funes_square

Frederic Funes


Guillermo Fernández

Administration Management
Personal. ED. Coordinadora Educ. Infantil. Meritxell Soler_square

Meritxell Soler

Children Educ. Coordinator
Personal. ED. Coordinadora Educ. Primària. Nuria Balcells_square

Nuria Balcells

Edu. Coordinator Primary
Personal. ED. Coordinadora Educ. Secundària. Cuca de Tierra_square

Cuca de Tierra

Edu. Coordinator Secondary
Personal. ED. Coordinadora Batxillerat. Nuria Ribas_square

Nuria Ribas

Technical director
Personal. ED. Coordinadora Gabinet Psicopedagògic. Nuria Calaco_square

Nuria Calaco

Head of the Psychopedagogical Office and Baccalaureate coordinator

One of the pillars of our project, and with what we have to fulfill our challenges, is undoubtedly our team of trainers committed to the project. A team that will guide you along the route that will be followed by each of our students thanks to an exhaustive personal follow-up, to a current pedagogy and to transversal programs of educational excellence.
The College’s non-teaching staff has a clear feeling of belonging in our educational community, while being a key element in the daily training of our students through individualized treatment, their positive and family attitude, and their vocation of service

Management team

Psychopedagogical cabinet

Administration, communication and ICT