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In Saint Nicholas School our students have the opportunity to enroll in the Dual Diploma offered by Academica Corporation, the main educational institution of the CHARTER schools in the US, with more than 150 schools that cover all social classes as well as ten states.

The Dual Diploma program prepares students to acquire the best levels of competence based on three major objectives:

  • Language immersion

All the subjects and the relationships with the teachers are established in English from the start. Acquisition of an advanced bilingual level.

  • Technological immersion

Proficiency in the use of the most advanced digital learning technologies.

  • Personal immersion

The student acquires responsibility and maturity in the work, with a high level of autonomy, learning of time management, adaptability and flexibility to work in different and multicultural environments.

Another advantage of taking the Dual Diploma is that students will obtain two degrees simultaneously:

  • The LOMCE Baccalaureate
  • The North American Baccalaureate (High School Diploma)

This High School Diploma is recognized in all the states of the US and in its universities.

The American educational system evaluates students by knowledge and skills. It considers that the student does not need to study the same subject (mathematics, physics, literature, etc.) in two different languages, except the specific subjects of the country (language, culture, history, etc.)

Therefore, Saint Nicholas School students can validate up to 75% of the 24 credits required to obtain the High School diploma.

The student who wants to obtain the Dual Diploma, must take at least six subjects of the American system:

  • English (mandatory elective)
  • US History
  • Life Management skills (mandatory elective)
  • US Government
  • Economics
  • Elective subject

He or she can choose to study them in the following modalities:

  • Four-year program (from 3rd of ESO to 2nd of Baccalaureate)
  • Three-year program (from 4th of ESO to 2nd of Baccalaureate)
  • Two-year program (1st and 2nd of Baccalaureate)

Academica also has a Summer School for those students who, from 1st to 2nd year of Baccalaureate, want to take advantage of the summer to advance credits and, therefore, have more time to devote to the LOMCE Baccalaureate during the last year.